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General FAQs
Q: Do you have a PDF download that can give me an overview of NCL U?
A: Funny you should ask, we just happen to have one. Click here.
Q: How do I know how many credits and points I have earned?
A: There are many ways for you to keep up-to-date on your progress. Once you’ve registered, your personal profile will appear on your NCL U home page in your personal dashboard. It will list an up-to-date status of your CLIA courses, your total Freestyle Certification points and any unread NCL U bulletins you have received. Your “My Points” page has a detailed breakdown of all your point earning activity. And, for a quick snapshot you can always go to your “My Account” page.
Q: My points aren't showing up in my dashboard or in My Points.
A: Don’t worry. Check back in about 15 minutes and your points will be reflected. It can take up to 15 minutes for new points to appear.
Q: What are the points used for?
A: The points are accumulated toward your goal of 150,000 points for graduation and beyond for the Grad Program.

Click here for all the perks.
Q: How much time do I have to graduate?
A: Lots. Take your time. We want every one of our Travel Partners to graduate with these honors, so that’s why we've created so many ways to accomplish this goal. It’s more than a great education, it’s a great experience.
Q: What are NCL U Electives?
A: These are interactive learning modules that inform you while you are having fun. And with each one you complete, you will earn more Freestyle Certification points. Some electives are based on Norwegian’s one-of-a-kind destinations including Bermuda, Alaska, The Caribbean, Europe and more. Other electives are hilarious videos done by the Second City Comedy Troupe in Chicago and some are short quizzes about important topics like Norwegian Epic’s Accommodations. Check out the entire list here.
Q: How can I meet other NCL U students/travel professionals?
  • Go to the NCL U Yearbook and click on the image/icon of the student with whom you’d like to communicate. A message form will pop up (without revealing their personal email) so you can send a message. This way, everyone’s privacy is protected, yet each of our students is welcome to respond if he or she wishes.
  • Go to the Forum – found in the Student Union. This is secure space where you can chat online with other enrolled NCL U travel agents to share advice, ask questions and post comments.
  • Visit the Dean’s List. This is NCL U’s Hall of Fame for our top performing students and shining stars. If anyone knows how to navigate through this university, they do. 
Q: I didn't finish a course I was working on. How do I pick up where I left off?
A: Simply click on the link in your personal dashboard to get back to the CLIA course you were working on. Or you can go to the CLIA Classes or Electives sections in the Education department and your work is stored right there. (Just click on the appropriate course or lesson and your work will appear on the computer screen.)
My Account
Q: I have changed Agencies, how do I update my account?
A: You will need to contact your agency admin in order for Norwegian’s bookncl.com to create a new user account for the new agency. Then email mergemyaccount@ncluniversity.com and include BOTH your old and new usernames for bookncl.com. The NCL U team can then go in and merge your two profiles. Your points will be consolidated, so you can pick up right where you left off.
Q: How do I change my password?
A: A password change is done at Bookncl.com.
Log in and when at the home page click “BOOK NCL” at the top.
On the new page click on your username in the upper right
Then click on change password.
Q: How do I request a ship visit?
A: To request a ship visit, please reach out to your Business Development Specialist. Click here for a complete list of Who’s Who.
How Can I Cruise With Norwegian?
Q: What do I need to do to get a free cruise?
A: Become a Norwegian Specialist! All requirements are here.
Q: How do I check my reported bookings?
A: There is a link on the Cruise Booking Reporting Form click here.
Q: How long do I have to use my free cruise?
A: At this time, there is no current expiration date on your free cruise; however, you must choose a cruise from the list located on the Norwegian Specialist page located here.
Q: Can I take my cruise in 2016?
A: Cruises must be chosen from the list and at this time there are no cruises for 2016 on the list. (The list located on the Norwegian Specialist page located here.) Norwegian may or may not add 2016 cruises at a later date; however, any additions will be included on the list as soon as they are announced.
Q: How do I take a cruise using the Reduced Rates Program for being a NCL U Student?
  1. Travel Agents MUST fill out the Travel Agent Reduced Rate form on NCL U.
  2. Agent must fax a copy of the email confirmation they receive along with proof of current CLIA, IATA, ACTA or TRUE membership, or a copy of last year’s 1099 tax form showing tax paid as a travel agent, and business card. (FAX number 305-468-2162)
  3. All back up documentation (CLIA, IATA, TRUE, etc.) must have a valid expiration through the date requested to sail.
  4. Norwegian MUST receive the fax prior to beginning the booking process for selected sailing.
  5. Please allow 72 business hours for your application to be processed.
  6. Norwegian will confirm your NCL U Level.
  7. Go out to BookNCL.com and book the sailing.
Q: How many CLIA credits can I earn when I take the accredited CLIA courses?
A: North American Travel Agents only: You can earn a total of 15 CLIA credits. The credits earned from Norwegian are good forever! No time limit, and they do not expire. This is the highest number of CLIA credits offered by a cruise line for an online education program.
Q: How long will it take me to complete the classes for CLIA credit?
A: North American Travel Agents only: There are currently three main courses you can take for CLIA credit. The courses are sequential and have two or three sections in each. Each course is quite comprehensive, but also offers many visuals and interactive components. Courses could take individuals from 30 minutes to two hours to complete, but there is no obligation to complete the course in one sitting. You can start and stop the course at any time, and when you come back you’ll be taken right back to where you left off.
Q: How do I submit my credits to CLIA?
A: Proof of completion needs to be submitted to CLIA via their site. http://www.cruising.org/membership-center
Why should I become Freestyle Certified?
Q: Tell me more about the advantages of being a Freestyle Certified Travel Agent?
A: Some of the advantages you’ll benefit from are:

  • Special recognition and rewards only available to agents at each level of certification
  • Priority access to the latest Norwegian news and updates

Check out all the perks here.

Q: How many points will I need for Freestyle Certification?
A: 150,000
Q: Yikes! That sounds like a lot. How do I earn them?
A: It’s fun and easy. Here are a few examples:

  • Core Curriculum courses earn 25,000 points each = a total of 75,000 points for all three courses
  • Electives courses earn 10,000 points each
  • A/V Lab Quizzes – 1,000 each
  • Quick Quizzes – 1,000 each
  • Some of our fun online games like our virtual online bowling alley and Word Search will earn 1,000 points the first time you play.  
Q: Will I receive a dipoloma?
A: Upon achieving Freestyle Certification we will send you a "Congratulations!" email with your Diploma.
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